About The Company

Alternative Distribution Systems Logistics Company, Inc. is a provider of logistics and transportation services for the metals industry in North America, supporting customers from end-to-end by connecting the mills and processors with manufacturers. The Company combines physical resources (e.g., trucks, warehouses, containers and specialized material handling equipment) to manage the delivery of high value metals through complex networks for customers in the automotive, beverage, infrastructure, office furniture and appliance industries.

Case Study

In 2011, Linx partnered with the ADS management team in the acquisition of the Company after a prior §363 sale.  Linx saw the opportunity to apply various operational improvements to the Company’s trucking, warehousing and intermodal logistics services at a time when the business was well positioned to benefit from a rebound in automobile sales and a tightening of available freight capacity.  During the Linx investment, ADS expanded the size of its trucking fleet and installed PeopleNet devices on its Company trucks to improve route management, safety & compliance, driver communication and asset utilization.  The warehouse division was rationalized by closing unprofitable facilities and opening additional warehouses near new business opportunities.  The intermodal division moved its Southern California operation into a larger facility to support the Company’s growth.  ADS also expanded its services to the steel plate market to further diversify the business.

In addition to improving the operations of the business, several changes were made to the management team to revive a passionate culture.  A management options incentive program was implemented allowing existing and new members of the management team to participate in the equity value creation of ADS.  In 2014, Linx and management successfully sold their equity interests to a strategic buyer.