Create Partnerships.  Add Value.  Build Businesses.  That’s what Linx is all about.

We create partnerships – with our management teams, our investors, and our lenders.  We believe that everyone needs to be rowing in the same direction, and we structure our transactions and organizations in line with that belief.  We make decisions together based on what is best for the business.  We invest alongside the firm’s investors so  everyone has a stake in a positive outcome.  We deploy our investors’ capital as if it were our own.  We do things the right way, and we always will.

We add value – We seek investment opportunities where we can serve as a value-added partner to our management teams.  Whether through utilizing resources internal or external to Linx, we strive to identify what our businesses need in order to achieve growth and operational efficiency.  Every business is different, and we approach our role accordingly in concert with our management partners.

We build businesses – With honest partnerships created and interests aligned, we work together to make good businesses even better.  Our focus is on making the right decisions for the long-term sustainability of the business and its employees. We work hard, we have fun, and we create value with and for all involved.