While there are myriad attributes we look for in potential portfolio company investments, below is a list of the most critical components:

Critical Components

  • Niche industrial market leader
  • A CEO and/or management team blending talent, commitment, chemistry, and character
  • Favorable macroeconomic trend
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Meaningful customer service component
  • Stability of cash flows
  • Strong, executable growth opportunities
  • Diversified customer base

Typical target profile

Company Size:$6 million - $15 million EBITDA;
$20 million - $125 million revenue
Transaction Size:$15 million - $120 million
Investment Size:$5 million - $40 million of equity per transaction
Geography:U.S. Headquarters
Industry:See Linx Industries
Add-on Acquisition Criteria:No size or geographical constraints (please visit our portfolio to view criteria for each current platform)